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How it Works

Buy Cryptocurrencies instantly, anonymously and securely.

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step 1

Tap to Begin

Follow the on screen instructions to get started. Select the icon of the cryptocurrency you wish to buy - Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin

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step 2

Scan your Wallet QR Code

Hold your wallet QR code on your phone up to the scanner located on the machine.

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step 3

Insert Cash

Accepts either USD or CAD

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step 4

Select 'Buy' to Complete your Purchase

Send yourself a receipt. Congratulations - you just bought cryptocurrency from Bitcoin Central!

Transaction Limits

Depending on the amount per transaction there are different limits.

$900/Transaction$9000/Wallet every 24h

Transactions are limited to $900 CAD per transaction. Once this amount is reached in a single transaction (either in CAD or the USD equivalent) the ATM will stop accepting bills and the customer must complete their purchase or sale of cryptocurrency.

Clients may complete multiple transactions to a cryptocurrency address. Total transactions are limited to CAD $9,000 (or the USD equivalent) per wallet address, per 24 hour period.

Many Bitcoin Central customers prefer to complete multiple transactions consecutively - thus Bitcoin Central does not charge transaction fees at any of our ATMs.

Find your local Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin Central ATMs are trusted across Canadian cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and many others. Use our ATM locator to find the closest one to you.

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